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Ouya console – Soon to be released

Ouya console – Soon to be released

I’m a big fan of kickstarter projects. One project that I really regret not participating in is the Ouya consol. It’s a console based on Android that is really affordable and flexible. They actually want us to and encourage us to root their console, it won’t even void the warranty.


I think it’s a great looking console. It’s small. Does not cost a huge amount of money and is very flexible. It’s not just a gaming device, it’s a platform where you can stream movies to, you can put in other apps as well. Some apps that will be available is XBMC, Plex, Flixter. Some games that will be a available is Minecraft and Final Fantasy

As I wrote it all started at Kickstarter which is a site for crowdfounding. Let’s say you have an idea of a product. You need $50,000 to be able to get it out to the market. You go to Kickstarter and make a presentation. You offer them to get you product before the official release for a certain amount of money. You might even have a special edition for a larger amount of money. You get a time limit and won’t get any money at all if it’s not 100% founded. Ouya asked for $950,000 and got $8,596,474. Totally 63,416 people participated. Here is how their presentation video looked like:

So now you might wonder where do I get it? Well if you participated in the Kickstarter project you either got it or will get it any day. If you wasn’t a part of the Kickstarter poject, you can pre-order it at their website (see below). The release date for Ouya is 4th of June 2013 and will cost you $99.99. Do you need an extra control it will cost $49.99.


Read more about Ouya at Kickstarter

Read more about Ouya and/or pre-order it at their Official Homepage



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