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PhoneBlocks, Project Ara by Google

PhoneBlocks, Project Ara by Google

A project that have been (and still does) interesting me is the project Ara. Project Ara is a project that Google runs which is supposed to revolutionize the phones. It’s in the development phase now and we don’t know when it will reach the market. Project Ara is a modular phone concept which will let you exchange single components. This means that you could add functions that aren’t on the phone.  Or you could upgrade them when they get too old.

You could add or uppgrade things like:

  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • CPU
  • Extra battery.
  • Speakers
  • Broken parts
  • Display

Click the “Read More” button to read more. You’ll alo find some videos in the end.

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NFC and NFC Tags

NFC and NFC Tags

NFC= Net Field Communication is a Technology which make your phone communicate when it’s coming about 2cm close to a chip and is programmed for certain commands. I think this is a great technology and I got very disappointed when Apple announced Iphone 5 without NFC. But well we’ll see what will happen, maybe they want their own standard. Anyway I think NFC could be the future. It’s a great Idea. Let’s take shopping as an example. I did read quite long ago that Subway had implemented Google Wallet in their U.S restaurants. So now you put the phone to a reader then I assume you do some confirmation at the phone (please correct me if I’m wrong). Here follows a video about Google Wallet:

Wanna read about NFC tags? Please click “Read More”

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