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April – Fool’s day

April – Fool’s day

April 2, 2013 6:45 pm0 comments

As you might have noticed it was Fools Day yesterday. I’ve seen some jokes, but I must say that Google’s new service Google Nose was the best I’ve seen in many years (see my last post). Actually it remainds me about one of Swedens best known April jokes from 1962 when they said that it was possible to use nylons to get color at your TV. Many people tried this without success. They explained this with some pictures that made it even more confusing. Here comes an example:



If you’re interested to see some prank (not from fool’s day) videos, click the “Read More” buttom.

Toilet Prank:

Massage chair prank from Japan:

Japanese running prank:

Brazilian coffin prank: