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NFC and NFC Tags

NFC and NFC Tags

April 3, 2013 7:29 pm0 comments

NFC= Net Field Communication is a Technology which make your phone communicate when it’s coming about 2cm close to a chip and is programmed for certain commands. I think this is a great technology and I got very disappointed when Apple announced Iphone 5 without NFC. But well we’ll see what will happen, maybe they want their own standard. Anyway I think NFC could be the future. It’s a great Idea. Let’s take shopping as an example. I did read quite long ago that Subway had implemented Google Wallet in their U.S restaurants. So now you put the phone to a reader then I assume you do some confirmation at the phone (please correct me if I’m wrong). Here follows a video about Google Wallet:

Wanna read about NFC tags? Please click “Read More”

NFC Tags: NFC tags is another thing that is great. A NFC tag can be  a sticker with a programmable tag inside. This gives several opportunities. Like:

  • I’ve got a car with an internal phone. I got no Bluetooth just a place for a SIM card. If I had NFC I could program it to forward my calls to my car. Just put it close to the NFC tag and it’s done.
  • Many people in Sweden got summer houses. If you’re in you summer house it’s most probably that you do not work the day after. Where you use to put your phone at nights in you summer house, you could place a NFC tag that turn off your alarm. When you come home you have another NFC tag that puts on your alarm again.
  • If you use Bluetooth to transfer from your phone to your computer you could have a tag that puts on Bluetooth.

I guess you see the possibilities. Here comes a good video about NFC tags that Armand Ferreira have made:

He recommends tags from tagsfordroid