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Here I will write about things that I find interesting. It can be: Fun or odd news, Topics about or from Sweden, Science, Gadgets, Technology etc. Also my Youtube videos will be posted here.
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PhoneBlocks, Project Ara by Google

PhoneBlocks, Project Ara by Google

A project that have been (and still does) interesting me is the project Ara. Project Ara is a project that Google runs which is supposed to revolutionize the phones. It’s in the development phase now and we don’t know when it will reach the market. Project Ara is a modular phone concept which will let you exchange single components. This means that you could add functions that aren’t on the phone.  Or you could upgrade them when they get too old.

You could add or uppgrade things like:

  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • CPU
  • Extra battery.
  • Speakers
  • Broken parts
  • Display

Click the “Read More” button to read more. You’ll alo find some videos in the end.

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Marketing magic –Stockholm

Marketing magic –Stockholm

Summer is closing in and Stockholm is trying to attract more tourists. This “commercial” goes by the name “Stockholm – it’s not a coincidence!” and is performed by the Swedish magician Charlie Caper while telling facts about Stockholm.

So have they succeeded? Well I think it’s pretty enjoying. What do you think?

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Facebook Home

Facebook Home

Many people have been curious about what Facebook would announce today. Most rumors said they was about to release a smartphone. Instead they presented something called Facebook Home. This is a new application that pretty much makes its own OS above Android. From there you got access to all old apps but it’s highly integrated with Facebook and it’s always easy to access Facebook from there. You can actually chat with friends when you’re in another app.

This App will be available to download April 12 for these devices: HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II. It will be available for more phones in the future.

On April 12 they will also release HTC First in the U.S which has Facebook home installed.


To read more about Facebook Home or pre order HTC first. Visit this link!

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NFC and NFC Tags

NFC and NFC Tags

NFC= Net Field Communication is a Technology which make your phone communicate when it’s coming about 2cm close to a chip and is programmed for certain commands. I think this is a great technology and I got very disappointed when Apple announced Iphone 5 without NFC. But well we’ll see what will happen, maybe they want their own standard. Anyway I think NFC could be the future. It’s a great Idea. Let’s take shopping as an example. I did read quite long ago that Subway had implemented Google Wallet in their U.S restaurants. So now you put the phone to a reader then I assume you do some confirmation at the phone (please correct me if I’m wrong). Here follows a video about Google Wallet:

Wanna read about NFC tags? Please click “Read More”

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April – Fool’s day

April – Fool’s day

As you might have noticed it was Fools Day yesterday. I’ve seen some jokes, but I must say that Google’s new service Google Nose was the best I’ve seen in many years (see my last post). Actually it remainds me about one of Swedens best known April jokes from 1962 when they said that it was possible to use nylons to get color at your TV. Many people tried this without success. They explained this with some pictures that made it even more confusing. Here comes an example:



If you’re interested to see some prank (not from fool’s day) videos, click the “Read More” buttom.

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Google Nose – Experience the Internet in a new way

Google Nose – Experience the Internet in a new way

Today Google announced their new service “Google nose”, that actually makes you able to experience smells through the Internet. I’ve tried it and it was awesome. If you want to know how it works, check the video below. To experience it, visit Google Nose



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Ouya console – Soon to be released

Ouya console – Soon to be released

I’m a big fan of kickstarter projects. One project that I really regret not participating in is the Ouya consol. It’s a console based on Android that is really affordable and flexible. They actually want us to and encourage us to root their console, it won’t even void the warranty.


I think it’s a great looking console. It’s small. Does not cost a huge amount of money and is very flexible. It’s not just a gaming device, it’s a platform where you can stream movies to, you can put in other apps as well. Some apps that will be available is XBMC, Plex, Flixter. Some games that will be a available is Minecraft and Final Fantasy

As I wrote it all started at Kickstarter which is a site for crowdfounding. Let’s say you have an idea of a product. You need $50,000 to be able to get it out to the market. You go to Kickstarter and make a presentation. You offer them to get you product before the official release for a certain amount of money. You might even have a special edition for a larger amount of money. You get a time limit and won’t get any money at all if it’s not 100% founded. Ouya asked for $950,000 and got $8,596,474. Totally 63,416 people participated. Here is how their presentation video looked like:

So now you might wonder where do I get it? Well if you participated in the Kickstarter project you either got it or will get it any day. If you wasn’t a part of the Kickstarter poject, you can pre-order it at their website (see below). The release date for Ouya is 4th of June 2013 and will cost you $99.99. Do you need an extra control it will cost $49.99.


Read more about Ouya at Kickstarter

Read more about Ouya and/or pre-order it at their Official Homepage



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Thoughts about Smart Watches

Thoughts about Smart Watches

I’m fascinated about new gadget and looking forward to have them myself. One thing that you can read about a lot nowadays is smart watches. It’s said that both Apple and Samsung is working on a smart watch. I think that’s great, a phone won’t be something you bring, it will be something you wear and if they build in a sleep monitor you can even track your sleep like with the old Sleeptracker watch.


Well the benefits of the ideal smart watch is not hard to see. But I can find it quite frustrating that we don’t know anything about the functions. I need a new smartphone and have been considering the galaxy S4. If Samsung’s smartphone would be announced soon after and turn out to be just a clock that is communicating with you phone and picks information and function from there it’s no problem. But what if it’s a workable phone that replaces your old smartphone, then I would find my phone pretty much useless. But there’s a few things that speaks again that. First it’s the texting. I don’t know how they solve the keyboard in your phone and I don’t think voice commands is fully replacing texting yet either (at least no in all languages). Second it’s the sound. Everyone don’t wanna have a  headset all of the time. It could be solved with directional sound ( I might come back to this technology in another post) but I don’t think the technology is ready to be built in a watch yet. Here comes a video that show what directional sound is:

So what can we expect from a possible “iwatch” or a Samsung smart watch? Well I think that’s a high possibility that they will use the technology of flexible displays of some kind. We will most probably see a watch that can communicate with you phone (if it’s not a phone by itself). I guess that Apple’s version won’t have NFC. I hope that Samsung version will. I guess it will be another stuff that you see no use for until you actually have one and then you won’t understand how you could be without one before.

But whatever these companies will state, they will not be pioneers of smart watches. There are actually several out on the market already. I got no experience of them myself but from what I’ve heard most of them do not really have any functions except to show information from you phone. Here’s a video that AskMen did from 2012 that shows what smart watches that was out on the market by then.

What do you think about Smart Watches? Do they have a future? Do you have one yourself? Please share your opinion/experience in the comments.




Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s a blog about:

  • Wierd, fun and odd news
  • Gadgets
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Swedish
  • Interesting, fashinating and fun designs

This is as a start. I like to have your help to shape the blog. Please give me feedback about what’s interesting to read about.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will!