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Amazing Nitinol (Memory wire) – Experiment

Amazing Nitinol (Memory wire) – Experiment

Nitinol also known as memory wire or memory metal, is an alloy between nickel and titanium and can be programmed to a certain shape. When it has been deformed, it can go back to its programmed shape by heating up the metal.

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Color Changing Milk – Experiment

Color Changing Milk – Experiment

Fun and harmless experiment that children loves.

A plate, Dish soap, Food coloring, A small container, Cotton buds and Milk

Pour milk on the plate then add the prefered colors. Fill up a small container with dish soap and dip a cotton bud in the dish soap. Now you can dip the cotton bud in the milk and get colorful effects. You can also drip washing soap straight into the milk and get it even more effectful.

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Color Changing Milk – Effect

Color Changing Milk – Effect

Milk (or cream) + Food coloring + Dish soap creates great effects when combined

Imploding soda cans – The experiment

Imploding soda cans – The experiment

New video where I show the experiment “Imploding soda can”

Imploding soda cans – Experiment

This experiment should only be done by adults!

Bowl with cold water
Cooking tongs
Aluminium soda can
Hot plate

Prepare the cold water. Add a little bit of water in the can. Put it on the hot plate. When it’s boiling, use the cooking tongs to flip over the can with the opening into the cold water. Now the can will implode and left is the crushed soda can. Remember to be careful.

When boiling water in the aluminum can the air inside will be replaced with vapor. When the vapor gets in contact with cold water it will quickly transform into water, and this creates a vacuum that causes the can to crush.

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